Why does my Sedum Autumn Joy look wilted?

kim31kimJune 7, 2004

Last summer I didnt seem to have this problem, but now, in the afternoons my Sedum Autumn Joy's leaves look a bit wilted. The leaves feel really thin and they curl down at the tips. I assumed this was because they were getting to dry, so I tried deep watering two days in a row and it didnt really help. They are in full afternoon sun, but it hasnt been that hot here, only in the low 80s.

Any idea what might be wrong?



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Could it be overwatering? Link below. EP

Here is a link that might be useful: garden helper

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Sometimes when our plants look wilted we discover that moles have burrowed around or under the plants creating air pockets. In many years our Autumn Joy has never appeared wilted, so am only guessing about possibilities. When the moles burrow around the plants we soak the earth to fill in the air spaces. You stated that you had watered, so that most likely isn't your cause, but decided to share it anyway. Hope you find the answer and share it. EP

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Thanks for the link! I guess there is a chance that they are not getting adequate drainage. I have a large planter that is attached to my house.. probably 10ft long by 3 ft wide. Its also 3-4 ft tall. It was already filled with dirt when we bought the house, so I have no idea how the drainage is down under that top layer. Maybe before I go planting more sedum (I have an order on the way) I should remove some of the soil and add a layer of gravel and some perlite or sand? What do you think?

Thanks again!

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When I put in new plants I prepare the planting hole and then fill the hole with water to see how long it takes the water to drain from the hole. Some of our sedum grows directly out of the rocks, so it doesn't really need a lot of soil. Hope you succeed. EP

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I have a border which gets hot sun a lot of the day, and many of the plants in the sun (coneflower, sedums, veronica) wilt a bit in the afternoon. Then they perk up by evening.

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I do think thats the problem with mine too, since they seem to recover quickly. :)

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