angel's trumpet/datura?

RebeccaJune 24, 1998

wondering if the tree known as the angel's trumpet is the same as the Datura...??

i have it in partial shade and it seems to droop mid day...anyone know the best way to care for it? thank you! i'm pretty new at this but wanting to learn...

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emily moorefield

Your ÂAngelÂs Trumpet could be a datura, or could be a brugmansia, a larger-flowered species related to datura. Is it in a pot? The nursery from whom I bought my brugmansia says they do best in big pots. Both datura and brugmansia like heat and sun, but canÂt handle dryness. IÂm new at this too, but I think they should do OK in part shade, like afternoon, as long as they get some good hours of sun (like 5-6) before that. As far as the mid-day drooping, IÂd try watering, and depending on the soil you have them in, maybe a liquid fertilizer once a week or so.

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Carole Rogers

Hi Rebecca My beloved Daturas stand face up whereas Brugmansia hang down. I water around the roots every evening.

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Becky(florida Z9)

I have a 7 foot white Datura in a large patio planter, it gets mid-late morning sun. My question is, It hasnt bloomed, does it need fertilizer? if so,what type? how often? I have noticed since the temps have been in the 100-110 range, that the leaves are beginning to yellow around the edges, am I overwatering? I water 1x daily, usually in evening. PLEASE HELP, I am a NOVICE at this but would love to learn more. I saw my first Datura tree in Ventura California, it was over 10 ft high & well over 1000 Apircot colored blooms. It is located at the "San Buena Ventura Mission" What a beautiful sight !! I thank you in advance for your advice.

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Wayne Grant

Becky - I understand that Datura are heavy feeders and like
moisture, so I guess fertilizer and lots of water are the key. Good luck Wayne.

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Hi could you please tell me about angel`s trumpet/datura
is it hardy excetra

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Damon Jensen

The tall,tree form of Datura has now been officially placed in its own group,called Brugmansia.The midday droop is quite normal,and the best way to combat it is by watering it well every morning.

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Brugmansias will not set buds if the nighttime temperatures are too high. Mine only blooms in spring and very late fall. They are very heavy feeders and like LOTS of water as long as the soil is well drained. You could contact Logee's Greenhouse for advise on pot culture.

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Sharon(8 SE AL)

I have a yellow brug. Year before it had quite a few blooms as did a friends. Last year in the heat, I don't think either of us ever had a bloom. So far, no blooms this year. We had trouble with leaves going yellow last year too. Whereas, I would have thought the heat wouldn't bother them, maybe it does. This year should give us more experience to go on. Sharon

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Hi, I've been having a long discussion about daturas on another site and have a few links for you. Angel's trumpet is datura stramonium or jimson weed, there are so many varieties it has many different names. I had purchased some
seeds labeled patio datura belle blanche, and we think now
they are datura metel/belle blanche. Brugmansias are tree
daturas which have now been sectioned off into the new category of brugmansia. Here are some of the sites:
You can search on these sites also with these links. ps:
don't worry I'm NOT advocating taking the datura, I was
worried about growing it, because of my cats and people,
children, etc., and the seed label said poisonous, and I
didn't know what it was. Oh, here's a picture of one of
Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of jimson weed:
Good luck, and has anyone had any bad experiences in terms of animals being poisoned with their datura? I've planted
the seeds, but I'm still a little worried about actually
growing them. thanks. lily.

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Datura, or common Jimson weed grows wild around the high desert area of CA. It gets neither water nor fertilizer. We do have very cool nights and very hot days, and the datura keeps on going. It's natural bloom season is late spring, usually after some skimpy rains. By mid summer it has dried up and disappeared. The only animals that would get close enough to it to ingest any are domesticated, like your pet pup.

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Marlene Gilliam

WOW...I have been looking and looking to find out what this plant was that grew as a wildflower in my back field. Because of the post by Lotuslily, with the link she posted I found the flower. Thanks Lotuslily for the information. It says it grows in SOUTHWEST but I live in Virginia. My only concern now is whether or not this plant is illegal in Virginia. Does anyone know? I did not plant is a wildflower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marlene's Gospel Music

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Hi Marlene, I don't think it's illegal in Virginia, you can
check with your local agricultural extension.The only state
I found a law in was NJ, it was regarding datura stramonium
stating that people growing it etc. could be charged with being a disorderly person. I don't think you could be charged with anything if it's growing wild in your yard, it is a wild flower in NJ also, or if you're just growing a few plants. No need to worry. It's a gorgeous flower, I going to keep growing it no matter what the laws are, they are really regarding using it as a hallucinogen anyway, not as a decorative plant. Mine started blooming 3 weeks ago, they smell wonderful, but contact with foliage makes my skin sting, similar to tomatoes.lily.

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Dee Enslow

I have heard about a black Angel's Trumpet. Has anyone else ever heard or seen one. I have several colors, but not this one. Thanks

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W Rowland

I added water retaining gel crystals to my potting soil for many plants last year-Remember the worst drought in a century. They made a huge difference in the amount of water that actually reached the plant. I would consider using these for any moisture loving plant confined to a pot.

I used Soil Moist (about $15.00 per pound-which goes a very, very long way) but have recently ordered the same type crystal from Gardener's Supply Co. for $10. I'm going to try starting some Datura from seed this spring and will post the results.

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I was told that my big healthy bushes are "detura sauveolens". It has upright white flowers on a felshy stem. Can anyone give me some links or reference to this flower?

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My angel trumpet is over 10 feet tall (in Texas). It is getting leggy and I was wondering how to "prune" it and possibly replant the cuttings.

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Terry McLeod

Hi Dee, I started raising Angel"s Trumpet last year. I had several white ones that bloomed all summer. I ordered a yellow and a pink one which haven't bloomed yet.I have not heard of a black one but have just ordered seeds for a lavender and a purple one.I don't know what shades of purple they are and was hoping that you had one and if you do can you tell me if they come in shades of dark purple or lavender.The picture of the lavender one in the book looked very light. I would love to find darker ones so if you know where I can find any please let me know.Thanks. Terry

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John Root

Does anyone know of a source for Datura plants in southern Ontario? I had some a few years ago. The scent was heavenly,- reminded me of my mom's favourite perfume. Unfortunately, not many people know about this unique plant in this area.

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Arlene(z8 SC)

Here is a link for someone in Canada who sells plants and seeds. She has 3 or 4 different Daturas

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mary glavind

All this information is useful but I live in chilly Vancouver. My brug and datura grew and flowered beautifully in the summer, but what now? Take them into the greenhouse? Prune? Take cuttings? or will they overwinter? Thanks for the hints!

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My second bloom of the year!

Note that the Datura gaze skyward.

Here is a link that might be useful: Todays Datura bloom!

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i live in z5 NY and work at the largest nursery in western new york. i first discovered dature/brugmansia last year when we sold them in 1 gallon pots and also in tree form that stood to be about 6 feet tall. i instantly fell in love with these plants and became obsessed. i kept a smaller version in a pot by my trellis. the tree form i planted in my flower bed next to my deck that gets mostly sun from 9am-3pm. as far as watering, the tree that i planted in the ground i hardly ever watered. it grew to be about 8 feet in 3 months. the one in the pot, stayed to be about the same size it was, but i discovered that it required more water than the others. the only thing you have to remember with these plants is that in an extreme heat climate, you need to water them sometimes two-three times a day. they need moisture. any other questions feel free to email me. SLB36@HOTMAIL.COM like i said i am obsessed with these now. i have successfully wintered them over and still have my tree :-) good luck...

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StonePyramid(z5 WI)

Below is a link to a web site with lots of other links to information on growing and caring for Brugmansia & Datura plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Brugmansia & Datura Society

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when is the correct time to take the seed pod off the stem?

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Thanks for this great info on datura. Someone gave me some seedlings this spring and said they were moonflowers. I couldn't find anything on moonflowers other than the vine. Our flowers open during the day, aren't they supposed to bloom only at night? I didn't realize how big the plants got, so I have them spilling over my sidewalks, but I love them.

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DaisyDuke(z5 (NE Ohio))

Bonnie - My situation is similar to yours. Someone gave me a round spiky seed pod and said that it was 'moonflower'. I planted it, it grew huge! Soon I had beautiful white trumpet flowers with large irregular leaves. However, I was suspect when the flowers opened during the day and not at night. I found a picture of "Datura" more commonly called "Angels Trumpet" and decided that is what I had.

But imagine my surprise when I hiked through the farmer's field next door and found hundreds of my same "Datura" plant growing wild! What gives?? AFter more research on this thread, I have discovered that what I have growing in my garden is a wildflower called Datura stramonium or "Jimsonweed!" It's just one of many, many types of Datura. I will be pulling it out before it reseeds.

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Hi all. Just wanted to share my experiences with the Datura
brugmansia type. I have had mine now for about 5 years and have propogated them just by cuttings. I live in South Florida so it loves the heat and summer showers we get here. I have two in almost full sun and one in shade. The shady one has grown to about 10 feet in height and the last bloom which was about two weeks ago produced(I counted) 90 angels trumpets. It's already starting to bud once again. I haven't found a non blooming season for it where I live. I have always fed mine with just plain old miracle grow and once in a while some thrive. Other than that they are low maintenance. I have also been able to train it in the direction I wanted it to go just by cutting certain limbs to the trunk. Thus I have two huge draping daturas side by side that I can walk under. Good luck all with your plants.

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martina7(Vienna Austria)

please take a look at the brugmansia & datura forum right here! most of your questions is talked about there all the time i think! (there is a chance you'll have no time to come back here! ...) -martina

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harleydeby(z9 Florida)

Hey Terry McL. I just purchased a Brugmansia from a local grower here in Central Florida. It is a very dark purple color. It's breathtaking to say the least. It is almost a black color. I don't know if this is the "black" color that I am hearing about or not.
I am also new to Datura/Brugmansia growing and am looking forward to learning and experiencing different ways to cultivate mine.
The lady I purchased mine from said that when the flower falls off, there will be a big seed pod which will develop were the flower once was. She said to be patient and let the pod "brown". After that, the seed can be pinched off and opened to reveal numerous seeds which can be cultivated at will after drying them out for a couple of days.
I was also told that you can root cuttings off of them with great success. She said to take a cutting from near the stalk that has ample foilage and put it in very moist potting soil with some Miracle Grow. Keep it moist and it will root on it's own.
She also advised that if it should start to get spindly, that it could be clipped back with no ill effects.
Unfortuately, my first round of blooms were attacked by Florida's mutant grasshoppers who voraciously ate my flowers off the stems overnight. This is no lie. So I'll have to wait until my next round of blooms to get any seed pods now. But the plant is very healthy still, it is in a large pot and I keep it WELL watered. It has grown over a foot in a little over 4 weeks.
I'd be happy to send you some seeds when I get my next blooms if you'd like.

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harleydeby(z9 Florida)

UPDATE! It wasn't grasshoppers. It was a monster Hornworm. Since I discovered what was chomping down on my babies, I know what to look for and have had no trouble since. Good gardening all!

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I was growing a belle blanche datura in my back yard... it seemed to be all dead but i brought it inside anyway.. it has started sprouting up little babies in the pot where the seeds fell.. and now there are new buds coming from the bottom of the trunk... but it is not the tree variety. I was wondering if the seedlings are starting now if they will die before its warm enough to get them outside.. I will transplant them into thier own little containers of course.. i also took a few stems off and stuck them in some peat-lite inside baggies under a florescent light.. I don't really know what kinds of cuttings are needed for this plant but i thought i'd try anyway.. My mom loves the moon flowers but they do not come back year after year.. i thought maybe i could get a few plants off of this one but by the way the seeds are sprouting up i'll have more than i can handle... maybe i'll sell them on ebay!

any tips you have or advice would be welcome

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to see my moon flowers/ angels trumpets home pages..

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see my home page at

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Just sharing my experience, but first let me say that D. stramonium is just a common weed all over the western states. No redeeming qualities. The only ones I know that are used in the horticultural trade are D. inoxia and D. metal. These are known as Devils Trumpets and Brugs are known as Angels Trumpets.
Anyways, I have grown D. inoxia (common white) and D. metal 'Double Purple' in the poorest nastiest infertile soil...actually was part of the gravel road that runs around my home! I hardly needed water at all once these from seed transplants were nice and established. They both flowered non-stop from late June thru end of September in hot afternoon sun. The D. inoxia were huge sprawling plants about 3' high and 6' wide vs. the 'Double Purple' that were more upright than wide. Early on the only problem I had with the white blooming ones were feeding of earwings on the flowers; completely destroying them before they could fully open.

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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

Hopefully, everyone interested in Daturas and Brugmansias have found forums and web sites that offer lots of information.

Most importantly, these are 2 distinctly different plants. Daturas are easily grown from seeds & are usually treated as annuals. Brugmansias are most commonly grown from cuttings (and can live for several years), as seeds of most species/cultivars produce unique new plants that may be very unlike the mother plant, whereas the cuttings are reproductions of the mother.

Because some people use the 2 names interchangeably, you may find offers of purple Brugmansias. NOT! So far, purple Brugmansias have not been developed...purple Daturas are available, but you shouldn't be paying Brugmansia prices for Daturas. Buyer Beware really applies.

If you're interested in finding web sites & forums for these very special plants, feel free to email me.


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buddy100(Zone 8)

Well, I am new to this forum, but I do have some information that may help. I live in Western Washington State, I have dozens of Angel's Trumpets. I will try and answer some of the questions I have read in previous blogs based on my experience here.
Yes, you can take cuttings from your plant, I take relatively large cuttings in May-June (doesn't mean you can't try at other times) time frame. Usually, about a foot or so long. Typically from newer green growth. A little root tone or rooting hormone of your choice and start it in moist soil. They root very quickly.
Colors: I have seem lots of different colors, the darkest is the Blue, I haven't heard of a black, but I would guess it may be a purple or blue? I have Apricot/peach, white, red, blue, some of the white and yellows are doubles and have a wonderful fragrance. In their natural habitat, their is a moth that comes out only after dark and is drawn to the fragrance, it is their pollinizer. So, you will notice, the fragrance is much stronger towards evening. Just a little trivia.
Wintering over, not sure they will winter well, mainly because of the moisture, and the freezing of the moisture. Maybe well mulched in a drier climate they may do okay. Don't know, I raise mine in pots, and bring them in the greenhouse.
They grow quickly and I treat mine as if I were growing fuchsia's, water, and fertilize heavily.
Yes, the afternoon heat will make them droop, so, I keep mine in the (morning sun would be good) afternoon shade except my red ones. Smaller leafed ones seem to do well in the full sun, the larger leaves seem to burn and droop. All of mine are in pots, and some are 8-10 feet tall, so, they can do well in containers.
Yes, you can prune them, in fact they will bush better if you do. Some tend to get very tall and don't want to branch, prune them early (and take cuttings) they will flower and branch very well. Mine bloom all summer, but heaviest in the spring and mid-summer. Depending on the color, my red ones seem to bloom late in the summer and sometimes during the winter, though not very heavy.
Those are my experiences here in Washington State. Hope this information is helpful.

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I bought it from a garden shop and planted it in sort of a shallow pot. Now it is over a foot tall and starting to bud a ton! It had three flowers non of which have completely bloomed but it keeps on dropping them! Now I have one that is about to bloom and three little buds coming again. Is this normal or am I doing something incorrect? This is a new thing for me as I just started my own garden.

Maybe I need a deeper pot? Also, I water them every day so the soil is moist.


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