need some color in my sedum garden

pieheart(6)June 10, 2010

I have a small drab rock garden with mostly sedum in greens and yellows. Even the dragon's blood sedum is drab. The garden is on a slope, about five feet high by three feet wide. I'm trying to keep the plants smallish so they don't overwhelm each other. I also like the height to be no more than ten inches, preferably lower.

I prefer sedums if possible, but really anything that would add some interest would work. I do have one plant that has succulent thin leaves six or more inches long in a rosette with a flower at the end of a stem that is at least a foot long. I lost the tag and forgot the name. Other than that just interesting sedums, but drab.

Any ideas for some small perennials to add color?


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This is what works for me,
dwarf day lillies, I also have bigger ones, but my garden is big,
portulaca, i know i didn't spell that right,
ice plant
lirobe (i mispelled that too)
creeping jenny
any kind of dwarf iris, i have african iris, but don't know if it's hardy where you live, blooms all summer.
Do you want only succulents?
I mix them and they grow fine together.
Try small ornamental grasses too, they live fine on my hill with the sedums and hold the soil.
Mondo grass, the spike thing, it also comes in red, don't know the name of it, but they are sold everywhere for pots, i planted it and it came back this year,
I also planted fiber optic grass. Looks real nice with sedum.(may not live this winter, but looks nice now).
GOod luck with your hill.

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Thanks, you gave me some good ideas!

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