cherry tomato sized onions

maricybele(8)August 31, 2008

I have just past my first year in gardening, and I had a question. I planted onion seeds late spring and they didn't do much. I didn't notice much more than a sprout.

Probably due to poor soil conditions, I made a lasagne bed and probably didn't use enough native soil, I recall I used mostly bagged soil in that area. They were fertilized and watered and planted about 5 inches apart.

I did find some small onion bulbs underground when I went to recondition the soil, since I didn't see any onions. I found about 12 italian top type small onions. I was wondering, since they are the size a large cherry tomato should I keep them in the ground, or just use them since there is no green top? Will they continue to grow or are they done? Here in Oregon we have about 1 month of

warmer weather before the rains and colder weather hit


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