Can you I.D. these photos?

leftwood(z4a MN)July 17, 2004

Grown from seed from NARGS seed exchange labelled as Linum ultissisima. But it is obviously not. Similar leaves grow in a tufted rosette at ground level until it decides to flower and send up a stalk. Unbranched inflorescence lengthens as more flowers are produced for 8 to 10 inches. Seed pods are 1/4 to 1/2 inch oval "eggs" containing many seeds.

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sbeas(z7 OK)

I think it is a kind of wallflower. Look under cheiranthus, the botanical name for wallflower and see if it seems like that to you. Sharon in Okla.

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Yep...looks like Wallflower. Erysium 'Bredon' has longer racemes than others.

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sagebrushred(zone 5)

It looks like a wallflower to me to. It's got the four petal mustard flower. I believe that wallflowers latin name is Erysimum though. That's as close as i can get it. There are a lot of different wallflowers and I only grow two of the larger varieties so far.

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Yep. imum i/o ium. I need a speelchekkar.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Gosh, the flowers on all the images I pulled up are right on. But everything I could pull up with seed pods had pods that were long and thin. Mine are egg shaped, almost round. I still think Erysium is the best bet, and I'll keep on the look out for the right species. Thanks everyone.


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