Garlic and Bloosqualls Garlic Farm...

beebiz1960(6)August 17, 2010

Though I'm 50 and have gardened all my life, I have never grown any of my own garlic. I decided to rectify that this year!! ;>)

After reading lots of good information on this site and others about garlic and growing it, I decided I wanted to try some soft neck garlic varieties. Based on what I'd read, I figured they would be easy for me to grow as a first timer and should do well here in West Tennessee. So, I began my search for a garlic supplier.

As I was reading a post on this site one evening, I saw a mention of a place called Bloosqualls Garlic Farm. There was no link. But, I was intrigued. I easily found it via a quick Google search.

After reading almost everything on the site, I contacted Travis (owner and operator of Bloosqualls Garlic Farm) with some questions. Travis was very kind and eager to answer all of my questions.

Incidentally, Travis is a member of Garden Web and frequents this forum! He is appropriately known simply as bloosquall.

I placed an order for 3 varieties of garlic from Bloosqualls Garlic Farm. They were Inchelium Red, Nootka Rose, and Lorz Italian. Travis shipped the garlic the day after he got my payment. And, I received my garlic only 3 days after he shipped it (Washington state to West Tennessee)!

When I received the garlic, I instinctively shook it lightly. There were absolutely no sounds of anything rattling or rolling around in the box.

When I opened the box, I found that Travis had put a good layer of balls of newspaper in the bottom, individual varieties were labeled in separate paper sacks, and another layer of balls of newspaper on top of the sacks.

I inspected each and every bulb. All were good sized bulbs... no "runts" in the bunch! All were very clean and in excellent condition. There were none that were shriveled, damp, or showed any signs of moisture. And, being that it was so well packaged, the garlic showed no signs of being damaged or bruised during shipment!

In all, I would say that my experience with Travis and Bloosqualls Garlic Farm was EXCELLENT!!!

All of this is important to seasoned growers. But, it may even be a tad more important to newcomers like me. It ensures that we have one less thing to hinder our first time success. And, we can find a good mentor in Travis!!!

In closing, based on my experience with Bloosqualls Garlic Farm, I highly recommend him. And, I will do business with him again!!!


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I agree with everything you said - Travis is a really nice guy with a passion for garlic!


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bloosquall(Wa 6)


Thank you for the kind words. I think they're going to flag this as spam LOL I do all that for everybody though..not just you. I hope you enjoy and it grows great for you.


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"I think they're going to flag this as spam "

You're not advertising but rather getting an endorsement which seems apropos for good work and good service.

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Bloo, you are quite welcome. You deserved every one of them! And, I never figured that I got "special" treatment. I would anticipate that anyone ordering from you would receive the same high quality garlic, the same care in packaging, the same expeditious shipping, and the same quality of customer service that I received! Otherwise, I would not have taken the time to write such a "glowing" review of you and your garlic!!!

So, stop blushing... and, take a bow!!! ;>D

Like alphonse said, you are not doing any advertising here. And, all I am trying to do is to let others know that based on my experience with you, if a person wants great garlic that is well packaged for shipping and excellent customer service... go to Travis at Bloosqualls Garlic Farm!! And, I've tried to make it easy for folks to find you!! ;>)

BTW, I thank you for your well wishes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! ;>)


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I wanted to thank Robert for his endorsement of Bloosqualls - I ordered garlic from Bloo - great stuff and best, he's a patient guy. :-) So, here's more recommendation!


Here is a link that might be useful: Bloosqualls Garlic Farm...

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You're quite welcome, Cindy!! I told you Travis was a good egg!!!

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I also bought some beautiful garlic from Travis this year and would recommend him to anyone here.

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kathy645(4 VT)

Travis' blog on his website has an update on some medical problems he's having. It sounds like he could use prayers & positive thoughts and energy.

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What a shock. My wife and I just had lunch with Travis and Shelly last month in Waitsburg. He will certainly be in our thoughts.


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bloosquall(Wa 6)

Well guys and girls I have been on the receiving end of garlic buying and I've seen some crappy stuff when I opened the box. I will never do that to ya. Thank you all for the kind words.

TomNJ, for the life of me I can't find you in the address book. Please send me a note so I send something back. I need you to give me some advice.

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Hi Travis - just sent you an email.


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I had to chase down the address, thought I'd post it here for anyone else looking for Travis's Blog. He's posted an update. Sending lots of light and good thoughts his way.


Here is a link that might be useful: Travis's Blog

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Any news on how Travis is faring? His last entry was October?

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