Can you identify this dwarf sedum? (pix)

michael_in_chicago(z5)July 30, 2006

I have a mystery sedum that I seem to recall thinking was a dwarf, perhaps sedum XXX 'Nana'.

Googling that yields S. sieboldii 'Nana', which, if it's like the regular form, should yield bluish leaves throughout its development. This one starts purple and remains purple.

I also know that these bluish/purplish sedums can change color depending on conditions of sun/nutrition (like S. 'Rosey Glow', 'Vera Jameson', et al). My mystery purplish dwarfs are planted in full sun scree areas which yield darker colors, in my experience. They never get more than 10" across. Is there a S. cauticola 'Nana'?

Nevertheless, anyone have a definitive name? Thanks!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I noticed you posted a while ago, and was wondering if you by any chance found a name. I believe I have something very similar, though it was first planted this season and is doing poorly. It might have been stepped on by a dog, or something, as I found parts broken off of it.

Have you maybe tried at Name That Plant Forum since there were no replies here? You might describe just how big it is, or take a pic with something like a ruler or a dollar bill.

I might add, that at first the pics did not load, and I clicked on the 'image word' and chose reload image.

It is best to keep the pics fewer KBs, for those of us on slow dial up.

Hope you find out...I'd like to know too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Name That Plant

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I am thinking it might be Sedum cauticola Lidakense. Color of leaves is variable depending on growing conditions. Light blue with ample water and/or less than full sun and stress free. As with most plants, a purplish look is taken on with more stressed situations or in other cases low temps. Lidakense has a very vivd and distinctive flower color. It tends to die back to the ground each winter for me.

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That could be the key...growing it in lean soil, full sun yields a purple cast. I have S. c. 'Lidakense', and thought I'd "lost" it. I guess it's right there!

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