Success with sedums in rocky, red clay soil?

rhubarb_stalker(Z5b Western MA)July 26, 2004

This spring I planted several sedums in rocky, red clay soil which had been generously amended with perlite. However, the plants look puny and yellow, and they have hardly grown at all in three months. I thought sedums would grow in practically any soil.

Any suggestions?

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The 'red' part isn't important (just an oxide of iron). I wouldn't plant sedums in perlite. I can't think of any benefit. I'd amend the soil (especially clay) with lots of sand and small size gravel. Sedums need good drainage and clay usually doesn't provide that. Clays tend to be quite nutritious but I'd still add a bit of compost into the soil.

Ideally, if I had clay, I'd use one part sand, one part gravel, one part clay, and about 1/3 of one-part compost (or 1/10th total compost).

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Hi, adding compost to clay or sand will greatly enhance and improve both. From experience mixing clay and sand for the most part equals bricks, even with compost. Sedums seem to prefer the sandy/compost/rock garden (crushed gravel) formula. In this mix with all the rain so far this year the sedum is growing like its gone to heaven.


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rhubarb_stalker(Z5b Western MA)

Thanks, Nagamaki and Alpiner. I will follow up on your suggestions.

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I have awful clay soil, but I've had good luck with planting them on a hill (an artificial one) The best thing to do with hard clay soil is to use raised gardens. Save yourself alot of heartache.

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