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marguerite_gwJuly 24, 2011

I've been coming here a little while now, after years visiting Houseplants and Cacti & Succulents.

However, this year, having been barred from gardening outside for years on account of a mobility problem, I discovered the alpine sections of my local garden centres.

I have now acquired about 50 miniature plants, in height anything from a couple of inches to well over eight inches. I've discovered interesting things too - for instance, the label's description of size is often untrue -hence I have just had to move Campanula cochlearifolia, a supposedly small Alyssum montana, and Papaver miyabeanum 'Pacino', all very beautiful, to another tub to prevent them smothering all other residents.

I keep my plants in tubs and fishboxes, which were washed up on our local beach, and are roughly the size of troughs, but more colourful. I am trying to keep to the tinier plants for reasons of space - no, well, I lie, because I find the smallest plants absolutely enchanting too, all that life and colour in in such tiny creatures.

I wish there were more people here to exchange views on this type of gardening, like, for instance, the very lively houseplant forum, but who knows, it may yet happen.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I've returned to Gardenweb after a few years' absence, and am surprised at the relatively low number of posts in forums that were previously high traffic. I think (after using other forum sites) that Gardenweb has not "kept up with the times", and is thus losing traffic. I get frustrated at times with the clumsiness of Gardenweb compared to other sites I frequent, and can understand why there is less traffic now. But it is disappointing.

As to Alyssum montana, I don't find it small, either!

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I agree with you, Mytime, though I have been a fairly frequent visitor and poster to GW. I do not know what has been happening to account for the drop off in postings but it may be simply a matter of changing tastes coupled with financial pressures or even that once a garden is set up then it is maintained and there is not all that much else to say about it?????
I do not really grow alpine plants per se though I have tried some but without much commitment to succeed. But what few plants that I have that may fall into this category are all grown in containers which make it easier to manage the plants and to watch and enjoy them.
The prominent alpines I am growing are three hybrids (?) of Lewisia. These are great little flowering plants.
I really need to take the time to work up web journals on them and post up at Photobucket as I am growing a couple in hanging pots.
I would like to try some native Penstemons but not too sure just when I can do this as my only space is on my porch roof and it is a drag using a ladder to water and visit my plants up there though I have native Opuntia species growing on the roof as well as a Dudleya.
My major interests are mosses and native Selaginella species.

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mytime and terrestrial man, thanks for the replies. I think the slow rate of posting doesn't apply to all Garden Web forums, for instance the Houseplant one is and has always been very lively. The minute someone buys a plant, he rushes to post about it and to ask about it, and the people are in the main very friendly.

I have to say, terrestrial man, that the idea of you clambering onto your porch roof to look after plants is very intriguing, especially because of your particular user name :)

I bought a little while ago a very small, totally black viola, called 'Molly Sanderson'. The flowers are silky and have no trace of purple in them, as Bowle's Black's have, and the leaves stay small and do not become lax or straggle. I don't know if you know it, but I'm trying to find out if it's quite hardy or must I provide cover for it in winter?

I'll try and post a picture of my various mini gardens here later.

I'm going out this afternoon to see what else I can find :)

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

oooh, I love lewisia. A neighbor who self-admittedly knows nothing about gardening has 2 lovely plants, one of which he's had for 20 years, and the other he divided off of it. I, on the other hand, who have successfully grown some difficult plants, have killed several. One of these days I will find (they aren't easy to find around here) another and give it another try. But not until I have the perfect spot for it!

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Marguerite, check the link below for some info.
Cannot believe how pure black it is.

Here is another of my containers that sits on my roof. It hardly gets water but the fern comes back year after year. The Dudleya has self-sown into the pot from plants growing on the roof. It gets full sun for most of the day.

Here is a link that might be useful: viola molly sanderson

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Terrestrial man, thanks so much for the link - well, it looks like Molly Sanderson is quite hardy, which would be a relief. It really is very black, I don't see the purple veins mentioned on that website on my plant's flowers. I recall having Bowles' Black years ago and sometimes that did look purple. I was wondering if the plants are related...I suppose ultimately they are in that they're both violas.
I'm fascinated by the Dudleya seeding itself into a pot with the fern, since I would have imagined they would like totally different conditions.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Several years ago, there was a change in the GW Terms of use wording. Really, hardly anything changed in actuality, but the wording was more to the point rather than in legalese. It now clearly states that GW has the right to not only use your photos on this site (as it should), but other websites too, and they have the right to sell the images you post here. I don't think GW has ever done this, but it is within their rights if you choose to post here. Many GW members left at that time. And as was mentioned, this site is antiquated, and posting images is very cumbersome compared to other forums, where image files can be uploaded directly from your computer rather than an interim site. You might want to take a look at North American Rock Garden Society's web site. They have a forum that I frequent there:


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