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TJG911(z5b CT)August 16, 2009

I just did a garlic taste test on 4 of the 5 garlic varieties I grew this season. I want to buy a softneck variety from the good people at http://wegrowgarlic.com and I'm trying to decide how much garlic I need to buy based upon the space I allocate for garlic. I thought maybe I'd drop one of the varieties I'm growing to add space for a new softneck.

So I cut about 1/3 of a clove of Korean Red, German Red, and Music from 2 different sources that I will call Rich's Music and Gauger's Music. I've grown 3 of these for 3 years here and Gauger's Music I grew for the 1st season. The only variety I did not taste was German White because I know I want to grow it again. Most of the bed is Music so with 2 different sources for it I wanted to see how they differ.

All I can say is my mouth is on fire! I started taking a bite from the pointed end but I now know that the base of the clove is even hotter. Korean Red is very sneaky, at 1st you don't taste anything but in about 3 seconds it hits and it is piercing. Both Music are hot and very burning and you know it quickly tho Gauger's Music is a bit sweeter. The German Red is perhaps the hottest, it burns and penetrates like acid eating into your tongue! And then I tried them all again but this time it was the base end. Each variety was even hotter and burned more, most brought tears to my eyes and extreme pain to my tongue!

I have to admit I never did this before, I usually just crush the garlic and add it raw to something or saute it with something. These are all fresh dug on 7/19 and dried for 4 weeks. Man oh man I have some really hot garlic. I usually eat Music last because it keeps the longest so by year end or early spring it has lost it's heat and punch. I often eat raw garlic but I never realized how hot it was this soon after digging.


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I know what you mean Tom! I've been to garlic tastings and found them a waste of time - after the first few bites your taste buds are saturated and tongue is on fire, making comparisons very difficult. It would take a long time to train my palate to the subtle differences in garlic, and since I pretty much eat it cooked or with other foods the differences are lost. I tend to choose my garlic varieties with more emphasis on clove size, ease of peeling, and keeping qualities than taste.


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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Thanks for the first-hand review of the Korean Red. I picked up 9 bulbs at the farmers market last week and can hardly wait to plant them. Looking forward to their bite, oh yeah!

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