need July blooming rock garden plants

millieon(zone 6a)July 8, 2004

What is blooming in your rock garden at the present time?

Would love to see some photos!



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I raise and propagate native plants and your question reflects a request of many of my customers. Many alpines put on a spectacular display early in the season and then what about the rest of the growing season?

There are various approaches to keeping your alpine beds a focal point after June. One is to use plants that actually bloom and the other is to include plants that have textural attraction.

Native (to Canada) plants I use for bloom in July are species of wild flowers from the alpine slopes. Such as: the allium, Allium cernuum.... of the native (not cultivar!) stonecrops... a species of Tofeidia... the Golden Mountain saxifrage... the dwarf figwort Elephanthead. Also there are species that reliably repeat flower in July if deadheaded after blooming in May or early June such as Pygmy Lewisia , Erigeron compositus, and the very handsome and dependable Penstemon ellipticus.

Equally of value are plants with attractive shape or interesting seedheads. It's hard to beat the shape and seedpods of Physaria...or the seed tufts of Yellow Dryads...or green mounds of Moss Campion....and the attractive berries of many of the heaths.

There are also many non-Canadian native plants that are also useful, but the above native ones can fill most alpine beds and provide character.

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floribus(5/6 MA)

A single purple dianthus about 8" tall is blooming in a trough, but I have lost its name even though I grew it from seed from the NARGS seed exchange about four years ago. I have been told that it is the only purple dianthus. Can anyone supply a name?
Gentiana septemfida has been blooming for a week and will probably continue through August. Allium beesianum has almost finished blooming in the rock garden. Both of these are from NARGS seed.

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millieon(zone 6a)

Thank you very much to both of you for responding. Have saved the posts and will research all of them.

Here's how one section of my sons rock garden in CT looks. Have sowed annual seeds but they were not in bloom yet. Some plants just don't make it there and another problem is the deer. Guess it will be trial and error until we find out what works.

After reading some of the previous posts I see anything goes in a rock garden. Just have to do more research to find out what blooms in July for their July 4th celebration party. Tried red and while begonias and they looked great but do want more perennials.


Here is a link that might be useful: rock garden

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leftwood(z4a MN)

The small forms of balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus) are quite nice now at under a foot. Try 'Sentimental Blue', 'Apoyama' or 'Komachi'. Same size flowers as on the large plants look interestingly oversized for the little bush.


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millieon(zone 6a)

Thanks Rick, I will look for those.

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sagebrushred(zone 5)

My campanula cochlearifolia, allium senesens 'Blue Twister'and aster coloradoensis are blooming now and would probably work well for you. Penstemon neotericus is also blooming now but may be larger than you want in your rock garden as it can grow to 2' tall.
A couple of other plants that are bloomng now are townsendia incana, talinum brevifolium, talinum okanoganense , antirrhinum hispanicum, silene uniflorum compactum, and othona capensis.

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