Ice Plant

gluecille(6)July 12, 2004

I have an Ice Plant (red blooms) in a flower pot and am wondering if I plant it in the ground will it over winter in zone 6?

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myonlysunshine(z5 ma)

I have ice plants planted in a rock garden and they came back this year,and they actually spread too.We had a very harsh winter here last year.Very cold and alot of snow.They're coming back beautifully.

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Thank you so much for your response myonlysunshine. I think this fall I will plant mine in the ground and see what happens. I have another one I may try to bring inside and see if I can get it to survive indoors over the winter. If I'm lucky both will survive. I have never had an ice plant until this year. It is so pretty. I work through the day and only get to see the blooms open on the weekend.

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georgeinbandonoregon(z9 OR)

you might consider planting now so as to give the plant maximum time to establish its roots in the ground before your ground freezes (if that happens in your area) this winter. you may have to worry about watering at this time but it may be easier on succulents like the iceplant which are drought tolerant but less resistant to severe freezing especially if the plant is trying to establish itself at the same time.

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I would plant it out now, too. Look for a well protected spot, because you're at the cold edge of it's hardiness range. Try for a sunny spot protected from wind. I just planted out 15 clumps of D. Cooperi, equivalent to 3" pots, that I started from wintersown seed. I put them in the ground a week ago, and they've spread already, so they get accustomed quickly.

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Great advice, I'll plant it tomorrow. I never even thought about establishing the roots. I should have known that! Thank you for the advice!!!

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gardencrazyinwa(PNW WA)

I live in Zone 6 and iceplants do fine. They come back every year. Watch out, they spread quickly so if you don't want them to take over you will need to cut them back.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Thanks to everyone for all this information. I just got my first ice plant this week. I've heard that they are a bit "touchy". So, all this advice and experiences shared will help me out.

good gardening....Beverly

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