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little_minnie(zone 4a)August 18, 2014

Buying garlic is sure hard. I have saved the best of my crop but want to buy a little more. Some of the growers are not open for the year yet and others are sold out. I really want Simonetti again but can't find it. Also does anyone have recommendations for good prices? It is more about getting additional varieties this year.

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Ronningers and Landreth Seeds have Simonetti, unless they have sold out.

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Try Big Red Barn Gourmet Garlic.

They have beautiful bulbs and you can buy by the bulb instead of by the pound, and specify size! They are also very friendly and responsive. I don't see Simonetti in their online catalogue, but if you ask they may grow it next year.


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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Some folks here on gardenweb sell excellent quality garlic for planting. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Garlic for planting

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Yes Mark I have yours. I need additional varieties, well not need but want. ;-)
Thanks I will check those.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

No luck. :(

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I do not know whether you went to the Minnesota Garlic Festival this year or not, but the quality of garlic available this year was quite impressive. All vendors have to have their garlic tested and proven free of GBN in order to be allowed to sell at the event. I consider this the worst potential threat so it is good they have that policy.

I acquired several varieties that I do not have, got a small growers discount and ended up paying around $1.50 per bulb for average to above average sized bulbs, good enough to experiment with. Some vendors had some very good sized garlic, it seemed Estonian Red was the standout of the event.

Retail garlic prices for singles ranged from $1 per bulb at the low end to $3 per bulb at the high end, most of the vendors had decent-sized single bulbs priced at $2 each. Prices by weight ranged from $7 to $9 per half pound and $10 to $15 per pound. Bulb sizes ranged from small to very large.

IMO Hillside Prairie Gardens out of eastern South Dakota had the very best quality garlic for a reasonable price. I did not see that they had Simonetti, though.

Hawks Brain Garlic out of Red Wing, Minnnesota had the largest selection of varieties, but all a bit on the small side IMHO. They might have Simonetti, they would be your best bet of all the vendors that attended. Blog is a bit out of date but you should be able to get valid contact info there.

I counted 14 garlic vendors at the event. I believe they are all from Minnesota with the exception of one from South Dakota and one from Iowa. If you wanted to contact any other/all of the vendors that attended, I believe the event website has a vendor list you can work from.

I am personally very leery of purchasing seed garlic now and I would have felt comfortable purchasing garlic from any of the vendors there (but that was because I could inspect the product before purchase).

As far as I am concerned the AY phytoplasma issue is over, all garlic from this area should be safe to purchase from that standpoint. GBN is a much more serious potential issue to be concerned about and it will slowly get worse.

I will keep on the lookout for Simonetti and if I come across some decent stock I will pick some up for you.

Good luck with your search.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

I'm not pushing you minni, I just have a lot of garlic this season and i'm plugging it! :)

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Thanks Tom. I didn't go to the festival. I went to the St Paul farmers market last weekend and bought some cheap garlic, but no clue on variety. Looks Asian.

Mark your garlic did well. I hear Lorz Italian is hot for a softneck.

Here is a pic of my box for planting.

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You could try Jubilee Produce

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little_minnie(zone 4a)


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Hey minnie, two of my garlics came from the bulk bins at CUB right here in the Twin Cities. Sometime in May they switch suppliers and get in a very pretty striped, nice large hardneck generally with very large cloves instead of their usual jumbo white softnecks. I have some of them sprouting out in the yard right now. I happen to know the produce buyer who orders them for the Cub stores who says that pretty garlic is "Mexican Purple", whatever that really is. It somehow doesn't look to me to be an unspecified Creole, which is what Mexican Purple normally points to... IMO that is a commercial name, not really a variety name more or less like calling all the various mandarin oranges "Clementines" which is really only one type of them. Normally the garlic switch is early enough to get a modest bulb size the first summer from a spring planting and then plant back the best cloves the next fall.

I have met some folks who wait every year for the switch, because the flavor of the hardnecks Cub gets in is better than their normal whites. They stock up for culinary reasons. So that variety may well be worth having out of your own garden.

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