Planting frozen garlic cloves?

lecl4321August 1, 2010

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance was cleaning out his large storage freezer and he found a small paper bag full of garlic cloves (about 500 porcelain type garlic cloves). He offered them to me, knowing that I like garlic, and I took them with much thanks. If anyone is wondering, the reason why they were in the freezer, is that he severely broke his ankle last autumn before all of his garlic was planted, so he put the cloves in several paper bags and put the bags in his large freezer for planting in the spring, which he did. But apparently, he missed one of the bags, and just recently found it.

I would like to plant at least half of the cloves, instead of eating all of them.

The cloves all appear to be healthy, just frozen. I took a few cloves and planted them outside, and they have sprouted with vigorous growth, so the cloves are indeed still viable.

If I plant the other cloves now, what will happen this winter? The days are getting shorter now, so I highly doubt if they will bulb up before winter, or will they? And will they survive the winter okay?

Or if I wait until fall to plant them, will the shock of going through a fake winter (freezer) and then a very short growing season before another winter, will the shock bother them?

Or should I just wait until next spring before planting them, and if I do wait, will they survive frozen for well over a year and a half?

Thanks for any replies.

Even if you don't have experience with this, a best guess would be better than nothing.

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No experience with frozen cloves, but my feelings are if the cloves are sprouting then they are certainly viable. I would keep them frozen until October, and then plant them as usual. I can't see how the cold exposure will hurt them - it may actually help them. Unlike onions which may bolt if fooled by temperature changes, Porcelains are bolting annuals anyway. Planting now is too early and they will not bulb before winter in zone 5, and spring is too late and will produce small bulbs.


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