Pictures of possible Elephant garlic

dott22(z8a SC)August 22, 2005

An older gentleman neighbor of mine had some plants in his yard that he said his wife had planted a few years ago. He said the flowers smelled like garlic and so he chopped them all down. He let me dig a few up. I _think_ they may be elephant garlic, but wanted to see if anyone here can help me identify them.

The cloves have the characteristic mini "warts" on them. If they aren't elephant cloves would there be any ornamental types of alliums that I would not want to eat?

These pictures were taken a few months ago, before they had a chance to fully mature:

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dott22(z8a SC)

Sorry, didn't realize those images wouldn't work. Try these:

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the_pumpkin_queen(z7 Arkansas)

That looks exactly like what I dug up at my parents and the people here said it was Elephant Garlic, so that's probably what you have too :)

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dott22(z8a SC)

Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I'll have to plant some this fall and see how I like it!

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garliclady(z7 NC)

That is elephant garlic next year take the flower stalk off long before it blooms and it will get bigger.

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

That looks about identical to what I often end up with in a single season up here. Since yours were originally planted "a few years ago", it may be a second or third year plant which started from seed. Elephant garlic produces viable seed so that's quite possible.


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dott22(z8a SC)

Thanks for the tip GarlicLady.

Martin, I guess i should have described the pictures a little more. The first picture is of a clove. There were several of those cloves clumped together around the main stem in the head. It looked somewhat like a larger version of Music that I'm familiar with.

Now I can't wait to plant these and see how well they do!

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