Erigeron montanensis harvest

acousticco(Zone 3)August 30, 2004

Greetings all,

Dose anyone know how to harvest seeds from an Erigeron montanensis (micro-daisy)? I have one that is in full bloom at the moment and would like to grow a few more in the spring.


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Erigerons can easily be propagated by root divisions this time of year...also cuttings rooted in a gritty mix.

I let my erigerons go to seed and they'll be lots of 'puppies' sprouting up come spring. After they drop seed (or you take it and plant it for them) just cover the seeds with a fine layer of sand or light soil.

The new puppies can be dug up in early summer and replanted wherever you feel appropriate. They are super hardy and I've never lost root divisions or new transplants.

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acousticco(Zone 3)

Thanks again Alpiner,

I appreciate the tips you've given me.
Are you a CRAGS member? I intend to come to the next meeting to join, I think it sounds like great fun.


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We're a lot more active in the Calgary Hort Society. I'm not a CRAGS member. No particular reason. I just keep forgetting about the meetings. When I do remember, the topic of the talk hasn't appealed to me. I've been to one of their talks and it was informative. I 'should' join but have said that for the last 5 years. Maybe I will this year.

Another good site for alpines and information is Alpine-L (do a search on google). Alpine-L is where all the real keeners pose and answer questions on alpines and rock garden plants. The site has a very quirky format from the mid-90s but it is navigable with some patience.

Now, I'd better mark the calender for the next CRAGS meeting.

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