Is Chesnok Red, or German white hardneck garlics any good?

stevelau1911September 16, 2012

This year, I decided to order a lb of Chesnok red, and German red because I am trying to have a nice strong flavored garlic. They should be arriving in the next few days so is it OK to plant them right away?

Also does anyone have first hand experience with these species? I've read that they are supposed to be strong in flavor so I really hope that they live up to their reviews.

My main hardneck garlic species has been the magic type which has been very dependable so far, but I really want to diversify my garlic collection.

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gemini_jim(7 MD)

Do you mean German white or German red? They are different varieties. German white is a porcelain with very large bulbs and strong flavor. German red is a rocambole with full rich flavor, not as 'sharp' as a porcelain.

I grew both Chesnok red and German white this year, and they are both good strong garlics. Yes you can plant them now, or you could wait a bit. See the thread on this forum 'Is there any problem with planting garlic in August?' (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: msg082110371046

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Thank you. I want to make sure I'm getting very strong flavored garlic. I know Chesnok red produces relatively smaller cloves, but taste matters the most.

One thing I'm finding it that 1 pound of garlic is really not that much so I do plan on letting these guys waste 15% of their eventual bulb size to produce scapes. I plan on planting over 2000 cloves of garlic, and so far only have around 900 in the ground of all hardneck species. I guess I'll have to make a majority of my garlic the softneck species which I have always had in abundance.

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