alpine strawberries

Tris(z3/4 MN)August 12, 2001

I bought a hanging basket of alpine strawberries and thought I read somewhere that they did not give off many runners. Is this true? The one I have is throwing off runners like crazy. Anyone have any advice about this ?

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dupperdog(4b WI)

They don't throw off runners. Maybe the plant was mislabeled. Generally what they sell in hanging baskets will not be alpines because of the fact that alpines do not have runners and are of less interest in a hanging basket than a regular strawberry with all the runners hanging down.

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Hi Tris

I had also read alpine strawberries didn't have runners, but those I grew from seed have been running like crazy1 Grew both Ruegen and Yellow Wonder this year (from Pinetree Garden seeds, usually reliable source). Both produced the expected small berries, but flavor not as intense as I expected, plus had LOTS of runners. Remember to cold treat seeds, and don't use Insect soap on the plants (I killed my first batch).

Grew Peruvian Marine Heliotrope from PTG last year too, for the fragrance. Had no scent at all, although an attractive plant. Go figure!


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Native alpine strawberry plants have prolific runners. When you say 'alpine', if you mean the native alpine, Fragaria norsca then they are the most prolific spreading plant in my garden. I don't know about varieties or cultivars of Fragaria virginia which is not found in alpine areas.

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I was just cruisin the pages of Pinetree Seeds for alpine strawberries and had decided on Ruegen, because they sound delicious. I too like Pinetree> BUMMER!
Back to square one.

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I ordered some Mignonette alpine strawberry seeds from Park seeds. How many weeks before my last frost can I start them?


Sandy Sarsfield

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apcohrs(z5 IL)

It should say on the packet. But since they are perennials, rather than annuals, start them soon.

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

I am interested in finding seeds for Yellow Wonder AKA Pineapple Crush Alpine Strawberries. I did a google search and see some hope of finding them overseas. I can't afford to buy plants.

Has anyone found a good source for the yellow Alpine varieties?

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I'm a little late with this but I found my Yellow Wonder seeds at (Nichols Garden).

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abgardeneer(Z3, Calgary)

From what I can tell, what's sold as "alpine strawberries" are various species of native strawberries (Fragaria virginiana, fresca, etc.) and, yes, they do have runners. I have no idea where the "alpine" part comes from, as these are not strictly alpine plants by any means.

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My alpine strawberries (labelled as species vesca) never seem to produce runners and I've had them for 6 years. They certainly reseed a lot though if I don't get all the fruit picked.

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yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)

We have a pot of strawberries given us and labeled as being from the French Alps. In the gallon pot they are running and we're nervous about where to plant it. The berries produced already in the pot last year were intensely flavored and delicious.

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adrianag(AL z7)

Can somebody refresh me on the cold treatment recommended for germinating Alpines?

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rachita(z4 mi)

I live in Canton, MI and would be greatful to anyone who could share (I will pay) alpine strawberry plants (red, white, yellow) with me. I tried ordering them online but have not had nuch luck.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I have extra Ruegen Alpine strawberry plants(F. alpina) grown from seed last year. I started them late but still had some fruit in late summer. No evidence of runners. You'd think the fruiting plants would have at least thrown out one runner if it was going to. I got the seed from Pine Tree Gardens too. But in 2003. A new batch of seed so maybe they are not the same. I'll know this year for sure.

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