Pics of Sedums and Semp (4)

Bostonian(z6 MA)September 17, 2004

Here's a few of my plants I'm particularly happy with. I apologize in advance for not knowing the names.

The sedums on either side of the flagstone were put in about a month ago and have really taken off(the one in front has been there for at least a year)

Same ones that were put in last year under a pieris japonica

Love the color here

There's were purchased late spring, I call them tumbleweeds because I find them several feet away, like they rolled there

Thanks for looking.


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Nice. Pretty vessel fountain. EP

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Beautiful. I like how everything works so well together. Nice total picture.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Your "Love the color here." photo is most likely Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense'. It is becoming more common, and for good reason. A beautiful, yet self restricting creeping sedum.


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jazzer(z8 TX)

Very nice Kathy!


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marquest(z5 PA)

Kathy simply marvelous. Thank you for sharng. I love everything you did a very good job. Can I hire you to put mine in. I have 40 in pots while I try to figure out where I want to place them.

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