Grass growing in Hen and Chicks

Traci(z3 MN)September 7, 2004

Does anyone have a solution for removing the grass that grows in hen and chicks. I try pulling it out, but quite often the blades of grass just break off. I can't seem to pull the grass roots through the masses of hen and chicks. I am thinking about relocating them to some sort of planter. Do I have to take dirt with them, or can I just pull them apart and then I would be able to get the grass out. Any planter suggestions? I'm in zone 3; would the winter be to hard on newly transplanted hen and chicks? Maybe I should wait until next spring. I know so many questions, sorry. Answers to any of the above questions would be greatly appreciated : )

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Bostonian(z6 MA)

I would do it in the spring. This spring I planted some semps and sedums in my cinderblock garden in the holes. I used regular bagged potting soil and it worked much better than my soil/compost that I used in other holes. No shrinkage, less watering and the only weeds will be blown in. I hope they do o.k. for the winter in a raised bed and surrounded by concrete.


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Hi Traci. I've had the same problem--grass or clover growing among the semps and impossible to remove without separating most of the rosettes. But when that happens, you just plant the rosettes back together or, like dividing any perennial, relocate them to a more bare spot in your bed/garden. I guess the solution--especially with tough weeds like clover--is to keep on top of the weeding. I have found that if I weed regulary, the grass or clover does not get a chance to really settle in among the hens and chicks.

I wouldn't worry about the winter. One fall my wife left a bunch of semps sitting in a cardboard box with about an inch of soil still around the roots. They were out all winter (zone 1B) and were fine in the spring. They did have snow cover, however, which, I think, is all that these plants need to handle the winter.


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Traci(z3 MN)

Thanks for the advice. Its always so nice to get the opinion of other gardeners that have had the same problems.

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