Could someone PLEASE tell me how and when

ncgardengirlSeptember 2, 2008

Should I start/plant Leek seeds?

Should I start/plant onion seeds?

Should I leave small garlic cloves in the ground all year or two years until they are large enough to harvest OR should I pull them when the tops dry out and let them cure and THEN replant them Oct/Nov for my area until they attain a good mature size?

Also, same question about onions, I planted some red onions and have some other pre-package sweet and white onions I purchased in late spring, I figured it was too late to plant them so I have had them stored in the fridge until this fall.

However, I did go ahead and plant a few of the red type of sets, but they

1. Didn't get that large.

2. Didn't do that well.

3. HOW deep should Lincoln Leeks/onions in general/and garlic in general, be set in the ground?

What is the best food I can feed them to help them grow larger and WHEN should I apply it and WHEN should I re-apply it?

Are ground is good soil, but sort of sandy/loam with a hardpan about 1 ft down. I did add mulch to the area the onions original where growing in and the garlic I started too.

The garlic I started this year just turned into little bulbs that looked very much like a regular onions, should I/can I re-plant those in Oct/Nov. for actual cloves next year?

Sorry this is long, but I really need to know this, I have lots of seeds of different types and onions and 1 type of leek, along with regular garlic I believe is called silver skin and just received some elephant garlic as well and I do not want to mess up and lose any of them because of my lack of knowledge.

This was my first real attempt at planting onions and garlic.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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bloosquall(Wa 6)


oh boy, where to start. My best advice to you is go read everything on the site listed below. it is by far the best source of information I've found online. I don't know anything about onions, sorry.

Your hard pan 1' down isn't a huge problem, till as deep as you can so you'll get the most room for the roots to grow.

Please don't leave your garlic bulbs in the ground, dig them out now and cure them. if you allow the bulbs to remain in the soil they will grow again but in a big clump as each clove with make a new plant. The result would be pretty ugly next july.


Here is a link that might be useful: gourmet garlic gardens

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Thank you I will look it over.

:) Fran

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