Overwinterning Garlic

crystallinelotusSeptember 19, 2007

I planted garlic (early select) and onions (yellow, white, and red) back in May. They didn't grow too well. Can I leave the bulbs in the ground, since now is the time to do fall planting? Should I dig them up and eat those, and then plant new sets now? I read somewhere that one should plant garlic/onions somewhere not recently used for growing garlic/onions. Is that true?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

Unless you're growing the onions for seed next year, it's best to pull them now and replant new in Spring. You might be able to get some decent growth out of them next year before they send up a flower stalk and get woody inside but I'd eat them now.

For garlic, it depends if they grew enough to produce cloves or if you've only got single cloves (rounds) down there. If you dig carefully around the bulbs you should be able to see if there are multiples or a single now (since the wrappers should have disintegrated) and if there are multiples you'd be best digging and replanting to give sufficient space to each clove. If you've got rounds, you can leave them in and they should come up fine either later this year or in early Spring.

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