At last aliums - ornamental - ID

gramma_jan_mn_zn_4September 9, 2009

Can you help me ID the hybrid. Nearly 5 years ago, I planted them again expecting more of the same, but they returned in the patio garden as well as the "Welcome Garden" for all 4 - 5 years. Now, I want more and I can't remember the hybrid name.

I had tried and failed with ornamental aliums, here in my southern MN clay, for many years, so you can see why I want only these. They don't seem to multiply.

Is there a way to propagate them?

The blooms are about 3" in diameter, probably 24-30" h and a medium purple hue.

I don't think they are Globemasters - not that large and I read someplace that they are not hardy here, is that right?

TIA gramma jan

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Hi Gramma Jan, I've been growing Globemaster in zone 3 for many years and they've never winter killed.


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