Msteddybear - how to try to save semps!

mareas(OR Zone 8)September 16, 2006

Crown rot happens to semps with sunlight/water/temp shocks & is usually deadly. You MAY be able to nurse that 'Black Prince" through by trying these ideas:

1 - Put in shade (bright is fine - just out of direct sunlight) & do not water.

2 - If there are healthy leaves left, carefully pull off the soft ones & make sure there is very good air circulation to what is left of the plant.

I hope somebody else has discovered better first aid & will chime in here, but hope this helps! marea

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Are you taling about Sempervivum/Hens-n-chicks?
If so, these are perennial and do just fine in the poorest, fastest draining nasty soil outside; or in shoes, rock walls, ect. if you like :D


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