2008 garlic results

TJG911(z5b CT)September 2, 2008

on saturday i figured the garlic had dried enough during almost 7 weeks.

i cut the bulb from the stalk and cut the roots.

16 pounds total, 8 pounds was music, the other 8 pounds i can't weigh without a small scale. some varieties yielded about 10-12 oz while others may be as high as 1.5 pounds. i planted the same amount of cloves of all varieties (21-24) except for music (35). planted around 180 cloves, 6" on center, 4' X 12' bed.

i lost at least 10-12 bulbs (possibly as high as 20 bulbs). this was due to fungus in cured bulbs thanks to excessive rain in june and july, like every day just abouts! the soft necks seem to be much more effected than the hard neck varieties were to this.

soft neck varieties -

nootka rose

french pink

hard neck varieties -


german red

german white

korean red

georgian (or is it gregorian?) crystal

german red and music seem to be the hottest but i have not tried the french pink or nootaka rose yet nor have i done a real taste test side by side. i am disappointed in korean red as i expected that variety to be so hot that it might have been inedible. it is spicy but not wicked hot.


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