Wrong Garlic Variety?

MaPooh(7b/8a)September 8, 2012

I ordered my garlic seed for this falls planting. I intended to buy Early Italian Purple (softneck) but I was up late and accidentally purchased Italian Purple (hardneck). I am in SE North Carolina and everything I am reading says that this variety will not do well here. The farmer's Almanac is calling for a cold winter this year and I was thinking of trying it anyway. (Yes, I follow the Almanac - My Mom swore by it) I have considered refrigerating the seed before planting, but I am just not sure if that will help for fall planting. If I do it, I was thinking 6 weeks of refrigeration and then planting on Nov. 3-4 in my raised garden bed. (Almanac again). Any advice? Am I wasting precious garden space even trying?

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

My garden seems in between the north and south - and I try whatever I think we will eat.

Which means that I will try anything that's easy to peel - cuz we love garlic - we'll eat anything!

I don't love the tiny cloves, so I won't replant if I feel like I grew it correctly and the cloves were small.

But, if I failed to grow correctly, then I give the variety another chance to get larger.

Anyway, I have read that garlic will adapt to your growing conditions.

Perhaps planting a variety that hates the heat/cold will just take more years to adapt to your heat/cold.

I chill in the fridge for 2 weeks. But I think the grocery stores chill longer; as they stock the shelves as needed. The cloves that I chill, and then don't plant so they end up on the counter, seem to sprout in a few weeks.

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Thanks, I think I will try chilling the hardneck Italian garlic seed. I planted the Softneck Early Italian three yrs ago and they did great. Two years ago I planted Elephant garlic which did great but I didn't like their flavor as much; not a true garlic and not enough flavor for us. I planted polish white last year and they were tiny but tasty. We had a very mild winter and I don't think that helped them. This year is predicted to be much colder. I still have some heads left of the Polish, maybe I should replant some to see if they "adapt". Thanks for the response.

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