Fish Emulsion Question?

desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9aDecember 22, 2013

This could be a silly question, but here goes....

Some pets are drawn to fish. At the end of summer, when I mixed up fish emulsion for the plants, my dog went on high alert. When it is time to begin a feeding program again, if I use fish emulsion on the roses in the front yard, will animals that happen to be on the loose, hone in on the scent and dig up or at my roses?


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Had a dog that would lick the cap of the fish emulsion bottle until the lid unscrewed and flew off, then lick inside the bottle as low as he could get, if he didn't knock the bottle over and lick everything that came out. OMG, the breath he had after that. It would knock you over.

However he never tried digging up roses that got a dose of the stuff. I guess he preferred it straight from the bottle.

To make a long story short: depends on the dog.

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desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9a

hoovb, Funny story but EWWWWW!!!!


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desertgarden561- Las Vegas Z9a

Sorry, Duplicate posting.


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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

So far, none of my dogs has gone after my roses for *that* reason (I have one that LOVES to munch on rose hips, and another, pony-sized, that will fire hydrant them if he can, so protective measures must be taken on baby roses). No wildlife digging roses up either after fish emulsion. I've had a few that wildlife regarded as caviar and gobbled up the entire plant the moment they went into the ground (say goodbye Rosa helenae, you are apparently irresistible to rabbits).

But the fish emulsions vary in their stinkiness by A LOT. The first one I tried had me gagging when I opened it. Ghastly stuff simply reeked but was cheap! So I then tried Neptune's Harvest as it is produced differently (cold processed I think?). I'd read on the web that it smells better. And to me it is strongly fishy smelling, but not rotten fish smelling. Another processed similarly is my favorite, Gro-Tone from Espoma. Fishy yes, but they've added mint to it so the fishiness is a degree less. I also like it because it is balanced 2-2-2. However, it only comes in small bottles and these are rather pricey. My roses do best on Gro-Tone. Almost as good on Neptune's Harvest. I use the NH without kelp.


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