alpine plants indoors

klhollihan(z6SWOhio)October 20, 2007

I have a couple of alpine plants I'd like to winter over in the house. One is an artic campion, and the other is "brass buttons." Will this work?\


Kerrie Hollihan

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leftwood(z4a MN)

I guess I will reiterate what was said on another forum in answer to your question months ago. And then this thread will also bump down:

Most plants find it stressful to live in an environment with little light and little or no fluctuation of day vs. night temperatures. Arctic plants, especially, fall into this group as they much prefer night and day temps far below room temperature. Temperate plants, that include alpines, like at least a 10 degree F difference between day and night. Your sunniest window inside the house is like open shade outside, and days are shorter in the winter too. Lack of light is a real consideration.

That said, there are still reasons why overwintering inside might be a good idea, like if the plant is not cold hardy where you live. But in general, non-tropical outdoor plants like it best outdoors. Anything you can do to better mimic the natural environment would be appreciated.

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Thanks for following up. I took your advice "the first time" and left 'em outdoors. We'll see what happens come March!


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