Will Garlic Cross

josie23(5)September 28, 2007

I just purchases 4 varieties of garlic to plant. Can I plant them next to each other?

I am guessing the bulbs won't cross, so next year I can just save some bulbs and replant, but do I have to worry about seeds?

Do you typically cut off the seed heads if they form to prevent baby xbreeds. If you do get some re-seeding would they be worth saving?

Thanks for the help.

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Garlic doesn't have real flowers, so it can't hybridize. What looks like a flower bud on hard-neck garlics is actually a pod containing bulbils, seed-like clones very like (but smaller than) the garlic cloves in the below-ground bulb.

All of which is to say, no they won't cross. Plant them as close as you like.


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