Onion mulching?

calm1(6)September 19, 2010

I've been told not to mulch onions. We mulch the rest of the garden very heavy. Problem is our onions always get over run with grass & weeds. What about using this 1" thick cardboard that I have & drill 4" holes thru it with a hole saw, then plant in the holes?



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you shouldn't mulch onions as you would garlic since onions will have a hard time emerging through the mulch. however after the onions emerge there should be no problem with mulching them. i never have used cardboard so i don't know about that. i use straw. i guess if you use cardboard as one would use plastic mulch then there is nothing blocking the emergence of the plant.

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I always mulch mine after transplant. Mulch is more about moisture retention than weed prevention for me though.

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Can l use sowdust

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I always mulch onions after the leaves get maybe three inches long since weeding is a PITA, using whatever mulch can be turned in later. Grass clippings,shredded leaves, straw shorts,etc. Suppose sawdust could be used, but I never want that much carbon in the soil.

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Nanyuki I would not mulch with new sawdust as it will take nitrogen from the soil that your onions need.Old rotten saw dust would be O K. Good gardening to ya YOPPER

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