Has anybody ordered garlic from Ashley Creek Farm in Olympia WA?

korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)September 11, 2007

Their price list was fairly extensive, plus decent prices per pound. I sent an e-mail a week or so ago and haven't gotten any reply yet... are they still in business? Any experience with this company? Thanks.

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

Thanks! I actually e-mailed them twice, both times no replies. Loved your complete review. Maybe you can leave comments at Garden Watchdog too. I guess the best thing I can get from them or their site is just comparison descriptions and ''heat'' levels, though no way to know if they are correct anyway--at least one or two varieties conflicted with what some other sites commented!

Between this summer's harvest, ebay, and many online friends & trades, I should have enough now to skip Ashley Creek.

Thanks again.


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I personally visited Ashley Creek Garlic Festival in Chehalis, Wa this past August and virtually everything was rotten.I personally advised the owner[Mark Sand] to pull the rotten stock but he refused.This is his last year with the festival.It used to be a class act.Im going online to sell garlic and wanted to expand my offerings,so was prepared to buy a lot of varieties.I then called Filaree Farm for more varieties,they were just about sold out then.I mentioned Ashley Creek and they reported the same problems you all have had (rotten and moldy).There is still seed stock available online but it is getting scarse.Next year get your orders in by May or June. LOL

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mom2wildboys(RI zone6)

I ordered from Ashley Creek a couple years ago and was happy with what I received. I was getting ready to order a little "booster" stock from them but don't think I will now. :-/

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You bet. 2007. So glad I found this thread. I had sent all my information and date I needed product by, for my pickles. Not even notification that it would not be ready then. When I grew garlic, mine was always ready for pickle season. When I called, he said that it had not been harvested when it should have been, because of rain. I made a trip of several miles and took time off from to work to pick up 7 pounds from him. I paid cash for bad stuff. Most of it was bad, except for a large cloved variety. I even UPS's it back to him so he could see how bad it was. When I tried to use it I saw the wrappers were very thin and a lot of them open. Open invite for disease when compounded with rain during harvest. When I grew I always bought my seed stock from Filaree Farm in Eastern Washington, too. I will either need to get my eating/pickle stock there again (Filaree) or go to the farmers market again, like I had to do last year. I never got a refund for the bad garlic or return shipping or trouble. It only costs a little more to go second best. I am so done with this.

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Flashlightjunkies~was wondering which farmers market did you buy some garlic from~thanks~carrie...cjcottage...cjatnw@aol.com

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I went to one of the local farmers markets in Seattle. This one was in Lake City. I think I got some from a couple stands there, one was organic, I believe.

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we also supply chinese garlic and chili and its deep processing products.

our website www.lufengkeji.cn

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Check on Ebay there are lots of sellers with good prices. Not sure if there are any there time of year but in the fall there are lots of sellers!

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