planting garlic

LynnMarie_(5 SW Kansas)September 18, 2012

Hi all,

I was wondering if it is too early to plant garlic? I have read several times that mid october is the time, but I have already recieved the bulbs I ordered from Territorial and I would like to get them planted. Can anyone give me any input on whether it would be a mistake to plant this week? I have never grown garlic before, so I really have no idea whether I would be better off to plant early or not.

Thank you for any help you could give.


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For me, it seems like it would be fine for hardnecks since they seem a bit hardier, and take longer to make sprouts. Soft neck garlic seem to be more prone to foliage burn so I hold off on those until the middle of October.

Just make sure they are planted 1-3 inches deep in nice loomy soil with plenty of sunshine.

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LynnMarie_(5 SW Kansas)

Thank you for the input. My garlic are two hardneck varieties- Spanish Roja and Duganski. I have good soil and I intend to mix composted zoo doo into the trench when I plant them tonight. Is there anything else I could do to encourage success?
Are they going to sprout this fall?

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I typically use a bit of azomite for each clove to make sure they get all the micro-nutrients they need to reach their full size and flavor.

I also make sure that the soil is very loomy which helps them get nice and big.

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LynnMarie_(5 SW Kansas)

Can I get azomite from walmart? Do I need to go to a greenhouse? And what do you mean by loomy? Do you mean very loose and broken up(no clods or hard pack)? Or fertile? I have decided to wait a few more days before I plant.

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Azomite is a less common product which has distributors in the US where you can get it for a decent price of around $35 per bag. I happen to be pretty close to a distributor, but if you're not, then you might need to get it from the internet. EBay has the best prices most of the time.

By loomy, I mean that the soil should be easy to work through by hand so that bulbs don't have to struggle to gain size. That should be pretty simple if you already have good soil, but sometimes it needs to be amended.

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Perhaps you mean "loam?"

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I guess it's better to just say loose soil. Anyways, I have already planted around 1500 garlic cloves so far. I still have plenty of room to plant more as I still haven't cleared out my vegetable garden yet.

Here are some of the latest pictures of my garlic.

Here is a link that might be useful: fall garlic

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