Top setting garlic bulbs

sami_kSeptember 8, 2010

A friend and I both planted the same variety of hard necked garlic (organic from the Farmer's market but not sure what kind). Mine acted as garlic should. I had only a few scapes which I cut off and the garlic did quite well for our summer without summer in my area.

HIS ended up with clusters of top setting bulbs with flowers coming on top of (out of?) the tiny bulbs. He used tomato fertilizer and I used a more balanced all veggie one.

So his question is -- are these minibulbs viable? Can he plant them and expect to get something?


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rxkeith(z5 MI)


he can plant all those bubils if he wants to, and he will get either a undivided bulb called a round or a smaller fully divided bulb. it depends on the variety you have there. plant the bulbils about an inch deep, and closer together than a normal size clove. he will have full size bulbs within 2 years.


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Thanks Keith. Good to know!

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