Garlic seed stock pricing and planting shallots

puzzlefan(5)September 23, 2010

Has anyone else noticed the significant jump in prices for garlic stock this year? I decided to order extra to hold over next year so that the price would not be a problem.

I know when to plant my garlic (Music variety). Can I plant the shallots that I held over because they were so tiny this year?

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OK, I just had to check out prices. I could not tell if they went up or not. Prices look the same as last year for the same garlic from the same farm, May be it is where I get them from did not raise? I did not check on the shipping.
As for the shallots, sorry I am no help on them.


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bloosquall(Wa 6)

I saw a big jump in garlic prices this year..although Bob in Texas has held at $16 and opened a small online market for many small growers that want to be seen.

I raised mine $1 and tacked on the fee I had to pay for accepting Paypal. I think I'm far more reasonable than the big boys who demand $18 and offer customer no-service. I don't know what kind of shallots you have but I'm planting my french grays around October 5th

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Vendors at the local farmers market raised priced $1 this year, that was from $6 to $7 for garlic big enough to use for seed (not at nice as mine, though.)

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

Please share your methods of keeping garlic for a year.

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I store my garlic in a cool and dark place. By July when I harvest the new garlic, I notice some sprouting. I am going to try to hold some of that for planting but also will have enough from the July 2011 harvest for replanting.

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My garlic this year was not big, compared to what I grew the year before in 2009. We still have some of that garlic left (harvested in July 2009). Can I plant that garlic instead of the garlic I harvested in July 2010 ?? The older garlic is much bigger and still looks healthy.

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