kenyadenola(z8b CA, Sunset 17)September 22, 2006

I have never refrigerated my garlic prior to planting, but this will be my first year planting hardnecks and I read that garlic needs to have a chill period in order to bulb proprerly, this is all new to me. Out here in California it sometimes gets in the 40's but only at night and that is not always reliable.

Do I in fact need to refrigerate? Because if I do, this will set back my planting daate considerably. Or will I be okay just putting them i the ground and letting the winter temps do the work. I have had reliable crops in the past using softnecks, but I know the two are two different beast.

Any advice would be welcomed.


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I'm not sure about all hardnecks, but rocambole requires a period of 6-8 weeks with a maximum temp of 32-50F (with an average of about 40F) in order to make a good bulb. If it is too warm, a single-clove bulb the shape of a pearl onion often develops. Okay for eating, but not for market.

Good luck.

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kenyadenola(z8b CA, Sunset 17)

I read last night before I got your post that 32 to 50F was a good temp and we definatley get in the 50's so that was a great relief, and explains why I have had good garlic. It seems that most garlic needs the chill time, hence the fact that it is a bulb, and since we do at least get reliable temps into the 50's I am very happy and will start planting today!!

Thank you!

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