Another good online garlic guide

UncleJohn(z4 NH)September 19, 2005

I stumbled on an exceptional guide for many aspects of garlic by UCSC. It ended up as an eight page pdf document when I archived it.

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That is a good guide. I am supposed to plant garlic tonight at our community garden and it has made me rethink what I am going to plant. I will have to stop at home and get some bigger cloves than I planned on using, and maybe less hardneck variety. We grow veggies for a low income free restaurant and sometimes my volunteers pick things before they are truely ripe or ready. I try hard to never complain or criticize them, am so happy to get help, but sometimes inside I am thinking "OH NO". This will be the first year for garlic at this garden.

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UncleJohn(z4 NH)

The restaurant and garden sound like great projects/institutions. I would be interested in hearing more about them.

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I work for one of the larger companies in town. They own a large lot next to our building that used to be full of weeds and garbage. We have converted it into a garden and donate the food we grow to a low income free restaurant. Usually one or two times a week I go out on my lunch hour, ocasionally will spend a few hours after work out there. It can sometimes be overwelming cause we don't ever seem to have enough people to help, but it is for a great cause, I think. I keep hearing how low income people cannot afford vegetables, this is my way of helping.

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jimw00d(USDA zone 7)
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