Which one is more tolorent of less sun, garlic, onion, or leek?

guavalaneOctober 27, 2010

Next to the camellia hedge I grew a row of sweet potatoes. They are in the shade of the hedge for most part of the day, so they are only doing OK, nothing like in the full sun. It's time to harvest the SP now, and I would love to plant some sort of alliums, my new found love. Which one can tolerate more shade, garlic, onion, or leek?

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They all love sun, but garlic and onions will give pathetic bulbs if planted in shade. Leeks at least don't need peeling, so even if they're dinky you can dice them up and use them. Same for true bunching onions.

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Promethean, thank you for the suggestion. It totally makes sense to go with leeks! I had saved some seeds but didn't started the seedlings until 3 days ago. Do you think it'll be ready to plant by the end of November? Will it be too late in So Cal(Pasadena)? Thank you again for your insight. I believe you also answered my seed collecting question a while back.

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It's about the right time to start onions from seed and put garlic in the ground. I only get huge leeks from plants in their second season, but I guess it depends on the type of leek. Mine are American Flag, which is a long season 'overwintering' leek.

If your leeks end up dinky, you can cut off their water in the late spring and they'll die back to a small bulb, which can be planted in the fall to produce a huge leek next year.

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