Need advice on allium planting temperature

Cheah_yee(Malaysia)October 10, 2005

Hello ! I am Cheah from Malaysia. Can anyone pls advice wether allium bulb can be grow in Malaysia hot tropical climate. This is because I planned to order some.If it will not work in tropical, I won't spend the cash on it. Previously, I had tried to grow some tulips but failed, but I have luck with amaryllis. Pls advice . Thanks in advance !


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janicesgarden_wa(Zone 8)

I would certainly would try at least one bulb! You can create your won climate enviorment by using shade and mositure. If you are going to plant a Heuchera or (Coral Bells), I would put it into a shaded area, full shade in the late afternoon and dapple shade in the morning.

Did you know that plants have two legs! Yap, you provide the legs so if it doesn't work in one area of your garden try another! Gardening is the joy of planting and having fun doing it!
Good Luck

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Hi Cheah

Steve Mckinney here I wrote you this morning and your email remined me it is time to do some allium trading. thats how I found your message. I have been thinking about your situation. Would you concider refrigeration for pan bulbs? if you have not heard of this it is where you grow the alliums in clay pots in the garden threw there growing season which would be your coolest time of year then after they have set seed cut them down and pull the pots out and put them in a very cool basement or refrigerator 40deg. its just an Idea that some of us do occasionally. I will tell you what I have some exstra alliums I can send you if you pay postage. or better yet I grow tropicals I will take a look at your list for a trade, because I have some really nice stuff you might like.

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