Problems with Spanish Roja

rersoap(z6 Pittsburgh)October 21, 2005

I grew 4 types of garlic this year:music, georgia crystal, chisnok red and spanish roja. I am now replanting and all were pretty nice except for the spanish rojo which had started to rot already. I did everything pretty much the same with the four types so I am not sure what I did wrong? Anyone else have problems with the roja? Thanks for the help. rich

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garliclady(z7 NC)

Our spanish roja is the first to go bad . We try to plant it first. It doesn't keep for us as long as our other 14 varieties. Our chesnok Red and music are still fine and we harvest in June. We always lose some of our SR seed stock before planting so we hold back more than we want to plant

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rersoap(z6 Pittsburgh)

Thanks garlic lady. I may have to use up all of the spanish roja next year and plant a different variety or just stick with 3 kinds. I was surpised at the size of the georgia crystal cloves, they were huge compared to all of the others. I was a little disapointed as to how many bulbs I had to use to get the cloves I wanted (may be the other way around, I always forget which is the clove and which is the bulb.) Looking forward now to the summer scapes. Any suggestions for a replacement for the roja for next year? I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks, rich

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coho(z8/9 N. Calif)

German Porcelain does well for me. However, large cloves and just a few per bulb. I also have an unnamed red stripe that does very well and runs around 9 cloves per head/bulb. Only one DW will use if she has a choice.

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I have had Spanish Roja for years and never had the problem you described. When I dig it up, I first clean it thoroughly (spray with hose or dry brush) then hang it up immediately in the barn away from direct sunlight. It needs plenty of air circulation.

Good luck
Maryanne in WMass

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