Spanish 'Rioja' garlic?

wcthomasOctober 8, 2007

Hi all,

I bought some garlic for planting last week at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and one grower was selling Spanish "Rioja" garlic. I pointed out that I have always seen this variety spelled as Spanish "Roja", but he said he has seen it spelled both ways, and insisted it was the very same variety. Has anyone else ever seen it spelled as Rioja? Great wine, but I can't figure out why a professional grower who says he grows only this variety would not sell it under the well known name of Spanish Roja.


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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

I have never seen it other than Spanish Roja. I think Roja translates to red? There is also a garlic called Ajo Rojo that was originally named Spanish Rojo, but to avoid confusion with Spanish Roja, they went with a different name. Not to mention there's also another garlic variety called Roja Spanish!


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My goodness, they do make the world confusing!

Yes Roja does mean red, and Rioja is one of my favorite red wines from the Rioja district in northern Spain (will be drinking some tonight!). I did find two references to Spanish Rioja garlic on the internet, but I suspect that they and this grower are simply confusing the name with the more well known Rioja wine, or perhaps taking some poetic license. In any case I bought a dozen bulbs of this hardneck and will give it a whirl alongside Killarney Red, which should be virtually identical to the Roja.


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