nicked garlic while peeling still ok to plant?

Prachi(6b (NJ))October 12, 2013

I am planting my garlic this weekend, I sat down and was peeling them any tips for this? I nicked the main body of the clove (it was a super huge clove too so I'd replace it but its really big).

What about the base of the clove... do you leave anyof the hard base part of the bulb or just pull it all off.

Does any of this matter?


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I would not do anything other than just separating the cloves from the bulb, no nicking, no peeling . JUST PLANT IT AS IS, tip up, root side down. And I would not plant the tiny cloves in the center. Plant them about 6" apart.
The bigger the clove the bigger the plant.

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just split the cloves as seysonn says, don't bother peeling the individual cloves or removing the basal plate, the roots grow out from the perimeter of the base of the cloves. my only reservation about planting a damaged/nicked clove would be that it could be more susceptible to a fungal infection.
If you haven't already finished separating/popping your bulbs, just remove the outer bulb wrappers and if they're hardnecks, cradle the base and jiggle the stalk to gently lever loose the individual cloves. Only plant the biggest outer cloves of your soft necks, if you want to plant the small inner cloves, keep them separate and harvest them early for use as garlic greens or if left to mature, you'll probably get rounds - undivided bulbs that you can eat or save to replant next year.

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Prachi(6b (NJ))

Thank you both!!! I haven't planted everything yet so I will do this for the rest.

I am trying to figure out where I got it in my head that I had to peel the whole thing! Oh well. Thanks!

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