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frogy(4 iowa)October 3, 2005

hello ive ben cultivateing garlic for awile and decided to do scallians allso this year.i now absolutely nothing about them,could some one fill me in on this please.when do you plant,when do you harvest,and just genrall care for the bed.thank you for your help

have a great day

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frogy(4 iowa)

woops i ment shallots (told ya i was a newbe),so i should plant these in the fall right?should i plant them when i plant my garlic?(im in zone 4)allso what veriety and why should i plant?i want a delicate taste to it.thanks agian

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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

Normally, shallots are planted in the spring around here. That's when they are available from nurseries, seed companies, etc. They can also be planted in the fall and I've done it a number of times. However, of all alliums, it's shallots and potato onions which are first to suffer winter kill here. Mulching often helps but has been no guarantee for me.

Golden shallots are probably one of the milder ones and usually most readily available. Reds and grays are often noted for being stronger.


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