planted garlic too early... what should I do?

clones2October 4, 2010

I planted my garlic about 3-4 weeks to early this year. I now know that this should be planted after the first light frost - and that the shoots should not be coming up before the ground freezes.

So - I know have garlic that has shoots 3-5" tall... What issues will I have next year? Will this crop work at all?

Should I dig up and replant new rows?

Thank you.

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i think its fine. have you mulched it? the tops may die back but it should regrow in the spring.

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My garlic sprouts every year before winter. The shoots kind of just sit there green all winter in suspended animation. Yes, I'm in a colder zone than you... but I would just mulch it well for the winter, and don't worry about it.

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Good news! Thank you.

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celeegra(6 NYC)

I had the same question. Phew! Good to know they are safe. :) Thanks to everyone who advised!

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