my poor garlic

jimw00d(USDA zone 7)October 5, 2005

I have had some garlic in the ground for about a month. All have produced good shoots with the exception of a few. These few have all gone rotten in the ground. I first noticed a problem when the shoots started to curl and yellow. I guess I thought it was the heat, as its still pretty hot in North Texas. I have watered pretty well as a result. The soil is moist but not waterlogged.

Over the last week I have been looking at the curled and yellowed stems closely and have managed to pull away the shoots with no effort. On inspection the cloves were part solid and part mushy.

Is it too soon for garlic to be in the ground? Have I watered too much? Can too much sun cause bolting?

Any help would be great.

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frogy(4 iowa)

here in zone 4 they go in about the second week of october.and dug up about the last week of jully.
sounds like you have some rot,maybee too much watter,allso garlic needs well draining soil.i dont watter mine at all unless its supper dry.hopefully a grower from zone 7 will reply with the correct time of year to put in for your zone.good luck

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