Transplanting leeks -- now or later?

plantinellen(5)October 16, 2010

I planted a row of leeks too late this year to amount to much...I want to mulch and overwinter them. I also want to thin them, and replant the culls in a new row. Can I do this now, in my Zone 5 climate, or should I wait until spring? Or are they a wash altogether -- use them for green onions and "fuggetabout it"?

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Leeks are pretty foregiving. I let a bunch of leeks go to seed last year, cut them off at the base, and new leeks sprouted from the roots (not from the seed, which I saved). I'm transplanting and separating them next week, maybe week after. Leeks don't require a lot of mulch to overwinter in my zone. Some of the green tops will look a bit ratty come Spring, but the white parts are just about unaffected.

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