Artichoke? Softneck with odd-shaped cloves

crbeaglesOctober 10, 2012

A few years ago, I bought a pound of garlic from a Colorado organic garlic company that was supposed to be Polish White, which is an artichoke. But after a few years in my soil and zone (Zone 4a), it doesn't have "layers of cloves" like an artichoke typically does.

What kind of softneck is this, if not an artichoke?

Can artichoke varieties form bulbs with this distribution of cloves in certain zones/soils?


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gemini_jim(7 MD)

It still looks pretty artichoke-y to me. Even though they look large and few in number, they still look like they are "trying" to grow in layers.

Different combinations of weather and photoperiod in a particular season are bound to have an effect on the size and number of cloves.

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I think it may be an Asiatic turban type. They have those big cloves in the middle. I would expect them to be small in your climate because they finish early. If you let one bloom next year and develop bulblets, you will be able to narrow it down further. Some Asiatics have big bulblets and others have tiny ones.

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