can 'babies' stay in ground over winter ....?

vieja_gw(z7NM)October 26, 2007

In pulling the onions this fall I noticed a lot of tiny 'baby' onions in the ground. Can these be left in the ground over winter to start growing next Spring or will they rot? They are too tiny to do anything with yet but I hate to toss them away!

This is the first time trying to over winter onions & I have placed the ones I pulled in a net bag in the garage ... is this a correct storage method? Would the refrigerator be better? Should the roots & stems be cut off? I leave the Egyptian onions in the ground all the time ( they soon become a weed & I can't give them away!).

I planted what I thought were 'eatng' onions but they soon developed into these big white onions (sorry, I don't know much about onion varieties/names!) that are great for slicing & chopping for cooking but hubby likes the small scallion- type onions to eat with a meal so soon these I planted got too big. Sure has been handy though to just go to the garden when I needed an onion to slice for cooking!

Thanks for any ideas!

- vieja

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)


If you overwinter onions they'll flower in the 2nd year. The flower is quite attractive and I always plant a few for that reason.

Don't store your alliums in the fridge. Place the cured onions in a net bag and store them in a cool, dry location. Storage temperatures are best at 32 to 40°F. Possible storage locations include a basement or unheated garage. Since the temperature in an unheated garage but don't let them freeze. If it's too warm they'll sprout. I remove the stem and roots before storing but you don't have too.

I have Egyptian walking onions too. I dug out a big clump in the spring...intending to move it but never did. It's growing and is, in fact, thriving ON TOP OF THE GROUND!!!

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AKA peggy:

Thank you so much ... that was what I needed to know about storing the bigger onions I pulled! I save any net bags I buy/get for the purpose of storing things later so they will come in handy now. Think I will try leaving the roots on & the bottom half or so of the leaves as one of your suggestions.

I wlll plant the tiny/smaller onions that I pulled & will replant them back in the garden ... maybe they will develop more next season before flowering as you mentioned. I laughed when I read about your Egyptian onions ... I can't get rid of them either & have secretly passed on/given away the 'problem' to unknowing neighbors & friends & so the 'problem' goes on down the block as each gives away so many of them! Seriously though, I like them as they don't seem to go to seed & it is easier to just pull & discard the babies growing on the tops ... 'plant abortion' I'm afraid!ha Always handy to snip the babies off in a hurry when I need some onion flavor in cooking.

BTY: what are the onions called that stay small for eating out of hand .... scallions? My husband wants to grow some of them also but mine soon got too large for that purpose.

Appreciate your help so much!

- Marilynn

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