Planting Garlic beside Roses?

mootgirl(z7 DC)October 14, 2005

I've read that garlic makes an excellent companion plant for a wide variety of garden plants because its oils naturally deter some insect pests and may enhance fragrance in flowering plants like roses.

This year I harvested my first garlic crop, by and large with good success. I now have a decent supply of planting stock from this summer's harvest, and more garlic than I can eat.

I know garlic doesn't like competition; do any of you grow it near roses or other garden plants as companions? If so, how many garlic plants are needed to maximize the benefit to the companion plant? I will certainly put in a plot of just garlic for my main harvest next year, but I'm wondering whether or not I should plan on getting a useful harvest from any garlic I plant close to roses, or in the vegetable bed near where my tomatoes will go next spring. If not, I presume that would be a secondary good use for the smaller cloves (after spring garlic, of course), or for cheap grocery store garlic.

Also, should I allow this companion garlic to remain in the ground all summer, past its normal harvest time, to maximize the benefit to the other plants, or am I better off harvesting it as usual, and planting new stock in the early fall?

Have any of you experimented with this at all, or do you all grow alliums to the exclusion of other plants? ;)



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username_5(banned for no reason)

I grow garlic and onions for food, not for companion planting. However, garlic is reputed to repel aphids and perhaps other pests so if you have more than you need there is certainly nothing wrong with trying it out.

Companion planting is more of a mythology than science so you are unlikely to find any good information on how much to plant in order to realize a particular benefit.

Also, the idea that large cloves produce the largest garlic bulbs is not well established even though it is conventional wisdom.

If your goal is to assist roses more than it is to get great garlic then by all means leave it in the ground all year. It will grow year after year after year.

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Why not just grow ornamental garlic near your Roses?

I don't really agree with the statement about Companion Planting being more mythology - as I interplant Queen Anne's Lace around my garden where I don't want aphids - and Ladybugs are absolutely certain to come. It looks good near roses, too, IMO, and keeps blooming a long time with dead-heading. You can pull it up at the end of summer...and chop the roots for stews.

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I have been planting garlic (for food) for the last 2 years. Both have been doing well beside each other. I never need to seed my garlic. It some what seeds itself. I forgot to seed my garlic after harvest last summer. By late fall, I had lots sprouting. And it looks like this year, I will have the biggest bumper crop!

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I have planted garlic chives near some of my roses and while I can't honestly say it has helped deter aphids for sure, it really looks great when it sends up those lavender blossoms

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