Help with onion flies?

bigpumpkinloverNovember 29, 2008

Hi all.

This past year was our first year for growing regular onions. We've grown garlic, leeks, Egyptian onions, and chives for years with no problems, but this past year the regular onions all were infected with flies. I'm not sure if these were onion maggot flies or not. The adults were about 1 mm long with black wings and the maggots were white and about 4 mm long. On each onion plant, where the onion bulb met the surface of the ground was a hole where the flies were entering and exiting. I tried spraying with both sevin and permethrin, but neither helped. Is there anything that I can do so this doesn't happen again next year? Thanks.

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baygrower(7 maryland)

Yes.onion fly.I lost about 60 percent of crop 3years ago and in my research the only effective control was planting my crop in three week intervals.Last year i noticed them and i pulled the bulb and the bulbs surrounding and look for maggots(larvae).I have found it crucial to bag and throw out infected bulbs, as the larvae over-winter in soil.I do not no of a chemical treatment,but keeping garden edges cleaned up and waiting them out.i would not plant all onions at one time, has helped me.The weather in spring here also effects the infestation severity.They have reproduced along time through wildflowers etc.

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cmdrzog(6/7 LI NY)

Beneficial Nematodes have worked for me. From 80%+ damage to 99% perfect onions. The stuff is pricy but in my area 1 treatment lasts 4 or 5 years. Works well on cabbage root maggot also.

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baygrower(7 maryland)

I will try this.Seems they control other soil dwellers as well.Thank you.Who did you buy these from.

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cmdrzog(6/7 LI NY)

I buy them mailorder or online from whoever has them when placing an order. Garden's Alive is a good source. The only dissapointment came from a box picked up at a local nursery . The product must be fresh. I use a watering can to apply them right along the soil line of the plants.

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baygrower(7 maryland)

Thank you!!

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