Mulch over leaves???

scooter70(6 SW OH)November 14, 2012

Hello, need some opinions...

Due is tight @ the moment. I have mulched my garlic beds w/ leaves from neighbors & the local park drop off in order to get Something on top of them for protection as the weather is changing & they are not quite as deep as i usually plant (first year in new spot for beds). The leaves are not very thick. In a couple of weeks i will be able to afford mulch, as i feel it adds more protection to those tender shoots.

Has anyone ever just mulched over the leaf cover? I am considering this, also because I could use some more organic matter in the soil...

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I've been growing all kinds of garlic for many years, and all I ever use is fall leaves which stops the freeze/thaw cycle from heaving the bulbs out of the soil.

I typically get bulbs that are much larger than the ones you can buy in the store.

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After the leaves have fallen, I do the last mowing with a bagger and pick up a great mixture of half-shredded leaves and grass clippings. Our chickens range in the garden in winter, so I then cover the mulched bed with an arch of wire fencing. These early turbans are liking it.

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scooter70(6 SW OH)

OK, you two have convinced me its going to be a long time before I Buy any mulch for my garlic...
I was gonna ask how thick I should apply , but since y'all have provided such great pictures...thank you!!!

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